Tip of the Week: Appointment Reminders for Salesforce Integrated Ushurs

We all need a little help remembering important appointments. That’s why integrating Salesforce appointment reminders is so helpful! In addition to receiving reminders, end users also have the ability to save events to their calendars - yay!

Appointment Reminder is an extension of the base Ushur app available on the Salesforce app-exchange. For full documentation of how to use reminders, please see the documentation here. If you have questions or need any help, let us know in the comments!


Several of my customers use these - with both consumers and agents. You can even include webex/zoom links. It’s a great enablement/ease of use feature!

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When it comes to managing appointments, having Ushur layer on top of Salesforce provides many benefits such as:

  • Enables businesses to set reminders on customers’ channel of choice.
  • Seamless data exchange to and from Salesforce objects.
  • Zero-code builder to configure confirm/reschedule/cancel appointments.
  • In addition to what Janeen mentioned above, other functionalities such as creation of a contact card that can be saved in contacts, sharing videos and other educational materials (some customers use it as a lead qualification tool) can be used.
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The most important aspect of customer experience for any service provider is being agile to the ever-changing customer requirements. All customer-centric organizations understand and allow their customer base to be flexible with scheduled service appointments. Imagine the positive impact an organization can have by automating the service appointment reminders process, both internally and externally.
Externally: Offer more control and the freedom of choice to prospects and customers
Internally: Resource optimization to address ever-increasing business demands

Automation of Salesforce-based appointment reminders with seamless Ushur integration is a good example. Please read on! Thanks.

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I have to admit, when I first started building Ushurs I shied away from the SFDC integration because of really poor past experiences I’ve had with other software that was “Salesforce Integrated”. But after doing a little investigation, I really found that I was missing out on an incredibly simple and powerful integration. The zero-code builder allowing me to exchange information with an object in salesforce has actually convinced me to bring this up more often and it turns out that people are a lot like me. They know they want to make things they do in SFDC easier, and when I show them this integration it really expands the possibilities and the ease with which they can make what they want to do a reality.

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Hey @janeen.blanton, how many times/what is the right interval between sending out reminders? Any best practices that you provide your customers would be helpful to us as well!

Agree with @dustin.roberts once you experience how easy it is to connect an Ushur workflow to a salesforce object - it can open up new possibilities.

Knowing that it’s a Salesforce approved managed package can also be very reassuring to new users in terms of security


Yes. @sreekanth.sastry. The Ushur behind the reminder opens up lot of possibilities. Ushur can send reminder over SMS or email , include link to reschedule the appointment. Calling back the agent/representative is also an option.

Hi Dan @ushurcommunity.advocate!

There seem to be 2 trends when sending out reminders for appointments/training classes. Some prefer to send the reminder 24 hours before the event, while some send it the morning of the event.